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When God Calls You To The Country & The Country Bites Back

When God Calls You To The Country & The Country Bites Back.jpeg

We recently moved to the country and with that came new neighbors. The intrusive kind.

  • Mosquitos

  • Chiggers

  • Spiders

  • Mosquitos

  • Mosquitos

  • Did I mention mosquitos?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very aware that I live in the backcountry of Louisiana, but every being has its place and every place has its being. Biting us, particularly my children, and coming into our home was a big no-no.

But as I sprayed my four year old down to go play outside for the third or fourth day in a row, I thought, “What are the long term effects of deet? What longterm effects could this have on a preschooler?”

Looking outside, those bugs weren’t going away, not until winter at least… maybe. Looking at my four year old, he wasn’t staying inside.

We all know the benefits of kids playing outside and not sitting around watching the tv or iPad. Would the risk outweigh the benefits? Or was there another way?

You might be thinking, that’s a bit much, what are the chances something could really happen? I turned to my husband with my concern since he has a background in biochemistry. He agreed and asked me to look into alternatives.

While that man may have received a decent payout from Round Up for causing his cancer, isn’t life worth more than a massive sum of money at the cost of your health? I didn’t want my child to be the poster child for the adverse effects of bug spray when he got into his 40s. Or sooner.

Later, I Googled “long term effects of using deet” and this article from the CDC appeared. Apparently my concerns weren’t too off base.

So I phoned a friend who sold Young Living and asked if she had a recipe for bug spray. She did! She also had bug spray, but at the rate we were going to be going through it, I thought it best to make it.

Young Living has a cute thing where they like to tell you how much you’ll save if you join as a distributer. Given that I already sold Matilda Jane Clothing as my designated side hustle, I rolled my eyes and gave in to the logic that spending $45 on the 3 oils (I had the rest on hand) just for the bug spray just didn’t make as much sense as spending $165 and getting 12 oils, a diffuser, 2 packs of Ningxia, 2 roller heads and stacks of information! Should I sign up was the ultimate question?

I watched my son come in, covered in sweat, and grab a popsicle before going back outside.

I could think of a dozen other things to spend the money on, but what if it worked? What if other oils worked for other things? Spider spray was next on my list after the sighting of a black widow, but critter control wasn’t the main concern.

Could living life with cleaner products shift the current trajectory of our longterm health?

At the very least, the house would smell REALLY good!

Added bonus, my husband prefers diffusing over candles for safety reasons (see: 2 small children). Win-win!

After several days of thinking about it (and just plain forgetting to do it… see: 2 small children), I finally signed up and purchased these bottles from Amazon to make my child bug spray.

I put together the spray in less than 5 minutes, shook the bottle and sprayed that child down! Now, I don’t worry about the effects the spray might have and I don’t have to worry about the bugs getting him. Plus, it smells pretty good! Not chemically like store-bought bug sprays.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 - 8 oz glass spray bottle

  • 4 oz - water

  • 4 oz - witch hazel

  • 5 drops - Citronella essential oil

  • 5 drops - Lemongrass

  • 5 drops - Tea Tree essential oil

  • 3 drops - Lavender essential oil

  • 3 drops - Peppermint essential oil

Mix everything into the bottle, put the sprayer on tight, give it a shake and spray! Easy as that! (Tip: spray inside shorts and pants to prevent chiggers)

Yes, I know there are some bug sprays that smell better than others and I know there are plenty that don’t have deet. While the active ingredient may be much safer, I ask this question: what about the other ingredients? Are there things we’re using all around us that are causing us to be sick? I can’t answer that question for sure, all I know is this: if I can make a minor change for my family, even as simple as bug spray, that helps their health long term, why wouldn’t I do it?

Are you interested in learning more about Young Living? Shoot me a message, I’d love to chat! I don’t know everything, but I’m always learning!

Do you want to purchase Young Living oils at a discount? Use this link to get started! You’ll love it!

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