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A year later...

Wow, what a year can do!

If you're reading this and then checking the date on the last post you might wandering what on Earth we've been up to for the last year. A few things to be honest...

To start things off, we had a baby. Our second son. He's awesome if I do say so myself! The Lord has been pour blessings on us with him!

We've been analyzing God's path for our lives with a microscope... not something I recommend. What we found was an obsession over this door or that door. Does He want us to go this way or that? To be honest, it's a dangerous line of sight to stay on.

We have a lot of things in the works and we're letting the Lord guide our footsteps. It's taking a lot of prayer and faith, especially since we can't really see beyond our hands. It's like stepping out into the dark with no light.

There's been a lot of soul searching and prayer over what i am planted looks like. Is it art? Is it devotionals? Is it something completely different? We'll see!

Here's what I would like to ask of you: pray for us. We need all the prayer we can get right now. We've had the enemy coming at us since we first walked down to the front of the church and committed ourselves to full time ministry. It isn't easy to stay the course when the enemy keeps attempting to push you off. We need continued prayer for strength and vision. We feel the Lord's hand at work in our lives and we need to keep pressing forward.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to stay planted!

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