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It started from the bottom...

I've taken a stab at the online market place with no real success. I made enough to break even on the costs of keeping the small store up and running, but nothing to write home about. I've always enjoyed crafting, but found that it wasn't fulfilling in larger production than for myself or as a gift.

It was when my husband and I were sitting on the bed with a pile of laundry between us and our son taking a nap that I realized the problem. 

You see, it started at the bottom. Rock bottom, I suppose. Failed venture after failed venture in our personal and professional lives that led us to a conversation over laundry. We had been spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere. Sure, we have our son and he fills a massive portion of our heart and happiness, but something was missing. There had to be more.

If your finding this familiar, you're in good company.

We both agreed that we wanted to find some way into ministry. We don't know what that might look like at the moment, but we knew that what we were doing was selfish and unfulfilling. This desire for more, like trying to live on Coke and ice cream for the rest of your life (delicious, but unfulfilling and frankly bad for you), was draining us both and cracking its way into our relationship with each other and our son.

I heard a small voice say, "The website, do it."

But Dots had failed. It was limping along in the Etsy universe with nothing but a sassy saying and digital downloadable Silhouette files.

Dots had failed and two hours later I was hit with the shocking revelation why. It was about me. It was all about me. Only me. No one else. So I paid my balance to Etsy and shut it down.

I'm not sure how planted came to mind, but I knew that the hubby and I were attempting to get more planted in our faith. It seemed to fit, so then I began searching the Bible for more and found Jeremiah 17:8.

"They will be like a tree planted by the water
    that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
    its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
    and never fails to bear fruit.”

With taken, it then took a turn over the next week to figure out what planted really meant. I enjoy listening to the Be Still Be Free podcast while I'm on the road, but "be planted" didn't fit the end goal. I can tell you that you need to "be planted" in your faith, but only you can do that. I can offer advice and support, but it's up to you, ultimately, to take control of your faith and you do that by throwing it all up to God to guide you. I can't do that.

With it being a personal affirmation, you tell yourself "I am planted."

Those of us who have dabbled in the Bible will find all sorts of references to I AM in reference to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We've pretty much all seen the HE>i decal in some form or another, even as I write this autocorrect is having a very difficult time with a lowercase i. It can't handle it and neither can we as we are severely selfish in nature. That's why we chose "i am planted" to be our name.

It's still a work in process, but it's coming along. I've designed a few pieces of artwork that we'll start with and I'm working on some desk items to help keep us all planted.

Stay tuned and stay planted!

A year later...